Miner's Cottage

Bath night in our recreation of a typical miner’s cottage

Explore the area’s rich industrial and social history through the varied exhibits in our museum. From the formation of coal to the last working mine in Staffordshire, we visit the Romans, Victorians and the ordinary people who lived locally.

The area’s history can be traced back to the Romans who built a fort and settlement in nearby Chesterton. Our Roman display, including part of a large important 1st century building revealed at nearby Holditch in 1998.

Safety LampThe Heritage Centre’s site was once a working coal mine and so of course we have an impressive collection of mining artefacts. Our collection includes a mine rescue van, a detailed model of a drift mine, tools, mine lamps, maps, photographs and the personal belongings of the miners. Mining was a dangerous activity and so we also remember three notorious local disasters including the Minnie Pit Disaster.

Our miner’s cottage evokes a fascinating insight into everyday family life in the past. The miner’s kitchen and scullery have recently been complemented by a yard area complete with outdoor loo and coal shed. And we go a bit more upmarket with a later parlour.

In addition the museum is pleased to host a small selection of locomotives and rolling stock from the Moseley Railways Trust’s extensive collection. Appropriately this includes a mining locomotive that once worked in Calverton Colliery, near Nottingham.

The museum is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30pm to 4pm and entry is free, although we do appreciate a contribution in our donations box. To visit outside these times please contact us.